Dog bite in Wisconsin: You need to get an attorney

According to Wisconsin laws, a dog owner is strictly liable for attacks and injuries caused by their pet animal. If the animal was responsible for similar incidents in the past, the owner would have to pay double damages for subsequent attacks. When a dog bites you with all the force, it can cause extreme pain along with shock and trauma. If you didn’t instigate the dog and have no role in causing the incident, you could recover compensation. Regardless of the circumstances, you must get an attorney following a wisconsin attack, and we have enlisted a few aspects below.

Your lawyer can evaluate the damages

Following a dog attack, you must take a few relevant steps, such as informing the local law enforcement and reporting to animal control agencies. You should seek medical care without delay and keep all records safe, which will be helpful when you file a claim. Once you meet an attorney, they will start with an evaluation so as to determine the settlement amount. From your medical bills and lost wages to non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering, they will consider every detail to maximize the amount.

Your lawyer can gather evidence

Eventually, you are responsible for proving that the dog owner was responsible for your situation. You need evidence for that, and your lawyer can start the process. Injury lawyers know the information that is likely to matter and will contact witnesses on your behalf for testimonies. They will also ensure the evidence is strong enough to make a difference.

Your lawyer can negotiate

Depending on the situation, your lawyer will work extensively to negotiate a settlement with the other party’s insurer. In some cases, negotiations are directly with the dog owner, which can be tricky without an attorney. Because lawyers deal with such cases all the time, they know exactly how to deal with claims adjusters. Insurance representatives lack empathy and often use tricks to downplay claims.

Your lawyer can go to trial

A trial is often necessary for dog bite lawsuits if the insurance is unlikely to cover all expenses or there is no consensus on the settlement. If that happens, your lawyer will file a civil lawsuit and go before the jury to get you a fair outcome. Litigation is time-consuming but often the only option for many personal injury lawsuits.

Call an experienced and renowned attorney in Wisconsin now to discuss your case further.

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