Rap About Legalities and Society

Laws and Society: A Funny Take

Yo, listen up, let’s talk about laws

Like the age of consent, it’s a real pause

In Colorado, it’s eighteen you see

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Now, filing to be legally single, that’s a process

But don’t stress out, it’s no real mess

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There’s unwritten rules in society, you see

Understanding them is the real key

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Got a job contract, need a sample, bro?

Customize and download, it’s a real go

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Clearing agreement and countertrade is quite a deal

But stick to the guidelines, it’s a real steal

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China’s RoHS 2 labeling requirements, what a fuss

But don’t worry, we got you, don’t cuss

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Berkeley Law tuition, it’s quite steep

But with some scholarships, it’s not too deep

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Mobile bars in Texas, are they legal at all?

Get the lowdown on regulations and licensing, don’t fall

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What’s the Lambert Beer Law, you say?

It’s about light and absorption, in a legal way

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